[QUEST] Ruins of Roah (lvl 32)

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[QUEST] Ruins of Roah (lvl 32)

Postby KaEL » Sat Jan 09, 2010 1:13 pm

I had some trouble finding the stone plate in the Ruins of Roah so I decided to make a post with an explanation.

Go to the Ruins of Roah (in the upper Abyss) where the quest is listed. It's in those little dens that the monster is. It is slanted to the wall so you have to get a good angle to look at the inside walls of the small dens to see it. You might want to look around for a good one with the plate, then kill the monster and get the plate:

General quest info:
1. Talk with Sarantus.
2. Talk with Ibelia.
3. Find the Engraved Stone Tablet in Vaizel's Peak.
4. Take the engraving to Ibelia.
5. Talk with Sarantus.
6. Talk with Ipikio inside the Secret Library in Sanctum.
7. Talk with Calon.
8. Find the Stone Plate from Ruins of Roah and bring it to Calon.
* Roah Stone plate

Order: Talk to Sarantus to receive a mission involving the ruins of Heironopolis.

Basic Reward
* 404,500 XP

Optional Reward (Select One)
* Sarantus's Leggings
* Sarantus's Leather Leggings
* Sarantus's Chain Greaves
* Sarantus's Plate Greaves
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