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Professions in Aion

Postby MrDeath » Tue Mar 17, 2009 11:03 am

I've just read the article about those professions and I started wondering how many of those you can choose for your char. Cause it looks like WoW style thingy. And basically since there aren't any dorfs or such in Aion you wouldn't be restricted to making multiple chars, instead you could make one char and choose appropriate profession for him.
Any more indepth info on the subject as, how those profesions work, can you make custom weapons/armor etc.
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Re: Professions in Aion

Postby Estemy » Tue Mar 17, 2009 12:58 pm

More info is here ... sions.html

You can learn all of them, but you can't master them all. I think you can master only one. Gona write to a friend who plays on Korean to make sure straight away.

Yes, you can make equipment/weapons with some of them. If you are lucky, the equipment you make gets special abilities as well. You can also just count on getting a lucky drop (this actually happens often in aion, unlike l2). Best is to choose a craft your clan benefits from. Imo if there is one crafter he should be able to make to all and so on. Everone in one clan with same profession = a waste.
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Re: Professions in Aion

Postby Ge4ce » Sun May 10, 2009 5:35 pm

That's pretty abvious.

Armorsmiting --> Plate and Chain
Sewing --> Cloth and Leather
Weaponsmiting --> Weapons obviously, except for wooden ones.
Handicrafting --> Staffs, Bows, Jewelry.
Alchemy --> Pots, soul stone conversions, other conversions
Cooking --> Food that enhance p atk, m atk, health generation. (Not sure if food can heal in numbers or heal over time.)

Besides those 6, there is:
Extracting --> Start leveling this asap.
Aether --> Stuff that you will see flying in the air. It takes time to level this, cause flying is limited in seconds.

Re: Professions in Aion

Postby lalasong » Sun Jul 05, 2009 8:54 pm

im playing in a chinese official server right now, and yes you can learn all profession, the only thing you need is a hell lot of money, and yes you can master all professions = a hell lot of money.

and as for the food profession. Food gives Buffs, and drinks will cure Hp over time. there is no food or drink that will cure hp at once, only Potions. there is food that will Give half or full DP at once, but no HP or MP.

Example: Sushi = for 30 minutes, it will add 10 points in critical chance and 200 point of health + 5% flying time.

Example2: Beer: for 10 min, add 10 health point per second.

Food and drinks can be used together, it will not stack. 1 food buff, 1 drink buff = OK

You cant have 2 different food buffs together. it will stack, same goes to drinks

Hope it helps...

Re: Professions in Aion

Postby lalasong » Sun Jul 05, 2009 9:07 pm

TIP1, Oh and as for the flying thinggy you need in order to make weapons. To lvl it up faster just make or buy Flying Potions, it will make it a lot easier. TIP 2: your first profession in a starting character, must first be Alchemy!!!! lvl your alchemy to 150 P - 200 P, which is very very easy. And then start with armors and weapons. With your alchemy at that lvl any kind of potion you make no matter if its flying, Hp, of mana, will give you enough to lvl up to 35 with no problem.

And if your always playing with a friend, make sure at least one person gets the alchemy, and dont learn the same freaking professions, you get alchemy and friend gets armor or weapond. get the idea.


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