Interview: Ji Yong Chan, lead designer - 19/03/2009

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Interview: Ji Yong Chan, lead designer - 19/03/2009

Postby KaEL » Mon Mar 23, 2009 8:26 am

Short interview about level cap, balancing, new contents

We have requested an interview with Ji Yong Chan to inquire about the changes that have come with 1.1 update.
The following interview covers the details that we were not able to go over in the last 1.1 update interview.

Increasing of level cap, buffing 3 classes

Q: The level cap has been raised to 50 with this update. What level do you plan to set as the 'final level cap'?
A: Shouldn't it go up as more updates are released? I think we'll follow the examples set by foreign games with their expansion packs.

Q: There weren't that many new skills; what are your future plans?
A: Those will be added with the upcoming updates. Since having a large number of skills doesn't automatically equate to being good, we plan to focus on existing skills at the moment.

Q: When will 'Ground Abyss' be released?
A: Probably by the end of the year.

'Ground Abyss' is a term for new layers in Abyss. After NCSoft launched the game in Korea last year, devs said the new layers of Abyss will be much closer to the ground of the two main continents and will be easier to reach, even from certain points of the high-lvl non-Abyss zones.///

Q: What do you suppose is the most urgent issue in terms of character balance?
A: There are balancing issues with well-equipped Melee classes and caster classes. Many balance issues being reported by players are in fact related to these kind of issues. If we were to mention specific character classes, we believe Chanter, Spiritmaster and Sorcerer are the ones in need of changes (improvement and nerf).

Q: Will this update contain any new restrictions and regulations regarding bots? If so, what are the details?
A: We cannot discuss the details at the moment, but we are trying to deal with them.

Q: What are your thoughts on "bots"?
A: We agree with the players in many aspects. They give us difficulties in addition to the problems we already face in trying to create a fun game.

Q: You've mentioned taht you will adjust 1:1 PvP balance as needed. Do you intend to keep the current hierarchy of Warriors > Scouts > Casters > Priests?
A: We plan to keep the hierarchy, but we will continue to adjust the methods and strategy involved in PvP.

Q: There's not enough content for max levels, do you have plans to add additional content (instanced battlefields or whatever)?
A: We will continute to add contents through updates. We plan to introduce new types of content starting summer, but nothing can be revealed at the moment.

Q: Do you plan to provide special privileges for those who enjoy Aion in Pc-cafes?
A: We cannot disclose any exact details, but we may consider launching events and things like that.

Translation done by Jameinkaiser over at
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