L2Evoke - [IL OFF] Low Rate (5x) - Launching November 1st!

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L2Evoke - [IL OFF] Low Rate (5x) - Launching November 1st!

Postby KaEL » Wed Oct 16, 2013 7:52 pm

We'll be moving to L2Evoke in a few weeks, check further details on this project below!
Looks damn exciting huh?

Welcome boys, girls and other little creatures!
I would like to introduce L2Evoke to you: a low rate Lineage II Interlude [OFF] server that brings Lineage II back to the community as it was intended! We intend to deliver a balanced low rate server to the community that will cater to your needs!

We are currently running an open beta (alternating between 5x and 100x EXP) to test our server files and the settings mentioned above. Features and settings are still up for debate but we will not stray far from what we have listed here so far. Join our community to actively participate in the discussion what your next server should look like! Our forum and game account panel are fully functional and our web dev is working hard to get our website aired during this week as well!

Questions? Hop by our forum and don' t be afraid to ask!

Server rates
After the recent discussions on our forum we have decided to go for the following rates:

EXP/SP: 5x
Adena: 5x (1x chance)
Raid drops: 1x
Spoil rates: 5x

Seal Stone: 5x (1x chance)

Server Hardware
Cpu: Intel Xeon E3 1245v2
Ram: 32GB DDR3
Harddisks: 2 x Intel SSD DC S3500 6Gbps
Network: 1 Gbps (OVH Data center, France)
OVH Anti-DDoS Protection PRO ()

Offlineshop available (free)
One box and one offline shop allowed simultaneously
Working community server
Travelers' weapons (no-grade and D-grade)
Cursed swords (Akamanah & Zariche) disabled in first two weeks
Increased rates for vital quests:
- Alliance with Ketra Orcs - ?2
- Alliance with Varka Silenos - ?2
- An Ice Merchant's Dream – x2
- A Powerful Primeval Creature – ?2
- Clean up the Swamp of Screams - ?2
- Exploration of Giants Cave, Part 1/ Part 2 – ?2
- Gather the flames - ?2
- In Search of Fragments of Dimension - ?2
- Legacy of Insolence – ?2
- Supplier of Regeants - 2x
- The Finest Food - ?2
- The Finest Ingredients - Part 1 - ?2
- War with Ketra Orcs - ?2
- War with Varka Silenos - ?2
- Whisper Of Dreams Part 1/ Part 2 – ?2
- Rase & Fall of the Elroki Tribe - ?2
- Relics of the old empire - ?2
- Yoke of the Past – x2
Vote coins to be gained by voting for the server (max 1 each 24h) that can be exchanged for cosmetic items in-game (hats, hair dye potions etc)


There will be no donations in the first two weeks of the server. Donations for first and second class change and hats are currently under consideration. There will in any case never be any game influencing donations on L2Evoke, that we can guarantee you! The team behind this project owns the machine the software is running on and is professionally involved in managing servers for corporate clients. We are therefore not depending on our players to pay our server bills! Money that we gain from donations will be used to compensate our advertising budget.

Launch ETA
We are aiming to have our grand opening on Friday the 1st of November 2013!

Open beta is live and we've added a costum account panel to make things easy for you!
Check out our quick connect guide and a list of bet afeatures here!

The polls regarding the availability of 2nd class change items for adena and the maximum number of offline shops per user are stlill running as well so dont be a stranger on our forum and let us know your opinion!

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Re: L2Evoke - [IL OFF] Low Rate (5x) - Launching November 1s

Postby Raphael » Mon Oct 28, 2013 12:33 pm

Raphael aka KartoX coming back ;)

What you need on Evoke? :) I want play there with you but no I cant NO LIFE :) I will play normal some hours after job :)

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