Goddess of Destruction: Chapter 2 - Tauti

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Goddess of Destruction: Chapter 2 - Tauti

Postby KaEL » Tue Dec 06, 2011 11:50 am

Note: translated from Korean, anything too to understand was left in on purpose

In the final Samsung Electronics Lineage 2 Battle League Tournament NCSoft announced the next update to their Lineage II franchise: Goddess of Destruction: chapter 2. With this update, following content was added:

• On the Gracia continent, a new Seed - Seed of Industrialization will be added. Players can expect a new high-level group hunting area. Also, a new boss will be added to the Gracia continent in Tauti (Brennon, the first owner of the sword Zariche), from which the key materials to craft Tauti's Axe will drop. There will be two versions of the boss and it will requires a team effort of 5 parties.
• A new solo hunting zone Guillotine Fortress
• In the concept of casual sediment changes - players can choose the side of light or the dark side.
• If the owner chose the light side of the world, the tax will be 0%, it will receive a variety of subjects and skills, and reinforcing the players buffs.
• If the owner chose the dark side of the world, then sales tax will be 30% and will be a tax on purchases 10%, but the lock will lose the protection of some punishment on the drop rate.
• Added Festival of Chaos, which runs 14 times a day and which will involve clans
• The size of the clan badge is set 256x256
• Added the flag of the clan. Confers positive and negative effects of the allies enemies
• Items will be divided into 2 types: PVE and PVP. For example, Dark Helios for PVE, Vlood Helios for PVP.
• Added a Seed Bracelet, which has six levels of development
• Improved leveling curve
• Improved combat system
• Increased the damage of physical skills
• Added 6 new parameters in the system attribute
• Improved ability to characters
• Improved management of Summon
• Changed macro system
• Improved performance of the game client
• Dragon Wind Lindvior came to the territory of Aden. This flying dragon is the leading opponents of the State of Aden
• The dragon will occasionally attack the cities of Gludio and Dion
• The dragon drops jewelry, armor, and a pet
• Main castle siege area of Aden in a strictly fixed time
• Siege of the other locks will be appointed (presumably as a fortress)
• The task of the siege will change to not only seize the castle, but also perform a number of additional actions, such as protection / NPC destruction / protection siege guns
• Sieges become possible for individuals and anonymous clans that did not registration (as with territorial wars)
• Reward: a win makes it possible to enjoy a continental military vehicle armor Aden and Ixion.

Update is planned for 2012. Later, we plan to add new hairstyles to update the character models and introduce cross-server war

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