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Tips and tricks for H5

Postby AncEv » Thu Nov 01, 2012 8:50 am

First of all stop living in the past. H5 is the last chronicle before GOD so NCSoft wanted to give players fast ways to make XP to 85.
Vitality System:
-the vitality system is a way for characters to earn additional XP through hunting. there is a grey bar beneath your MP bar that shows the level and the amount of vitality your character has
-There are 4 stages of vitality, each stage corresponding to a different XP bonus (note: after reaching 75 the vitality bonus decreases a bit)

Level 1 - 150% increase in experience gain.
Level 2 - 200% increase in experience gain.
Level 3 - 250% increase in experience gain.
Level 4 - 300% increase in experience gain.
-vitality is consumed when hunting normal monsters or kamaloka (x3,x6)
- vitality is replenished when hunting raids,making Pailaka quests,using vitality replenishing herbs (drops from mobs), being logged off, or sitting in town (but very slow)

Recommendation System
The recommendation system is a XP boosting system that offers upon 50% additional XP while hunting in the first hour of being logged in. Players get, when first logging each day, 20 recs to give, an additional 10 recs after 2h and another rec after each additional hour of being logged. Beneath is a table of the required amount of recs a character needs to have to obtain maximum bonus (50%)
TIP:Make alt chars to recommend your character so you will always have 50% bonus XP.
Priest of Blessing

The Priest of Blessing sells two useful items: Nevit's Voice and Nevit's Sandglass.
Every item can only be purchased once every 20 hours and is not tradable. This timer of 20 hours is shared between all characters on the same account.
Nevit's Voice
Cost: 100,000 Adena.
Stats: Raises a character's recommendation level by 10.

Nevit's Sandglass
This item grants additional XP bonus time. If, say, your character already has 30 minutes left on the daily recommendation XP bonus, which counts down as long as you are logged in, you can purchase this item to pause ("maintain") that countdown. During this time, your character gains XP at the level the bonus was paused at.
Cost: Depends on the character's XP level.
Stats: Maintains XP bonus time for 60, 90, 120, 150 or 180 minutes. (This number is decided randomly when the item is purchased.)
The item's effect is a buff that shows up in the new Recommendation System UI window as "Maintain."
Once the additional time runs out, the original XP bonus timer begins counting down once again.
This item has no cooldown time. However, you cannot use a second Sandglass if you already have the Nevit's Sandglass buff in effect.
Character Level Range Nevit's Sandglass Price
Level 1-19 4,000 Adena
Level 20-39 30,000 Adena
Level 40-51 110,000 Adena
Level 52-60 310,000 Adena
Level 61-75 970,000 Adena
Level 76-79 2,160,000 Adena
Level 80-85 5,000,000 Adena
If your character dies or changes its subclass, the Nevit's Sandglass buff disappears.
If your character teleports to an Olympiad arena or into an instance zone, Nevit's Sandglass buff disappears.
The Nevit's Sandglass buff cannot be stolen with Steal Divinity.
The recommendation system XP bonus stacks with Vitality bonuses.
Repurchasing Example 1: Character A is level 63 and buys a Nevit's Sandglass. In less than 20 hours, he achieves level 64. Character A must wait until the rest of the 20 hours counts down before you can purchase another Nevit's Sandglass.
Repurchasing Example 2: Character B is level 75 and buys a Nevit's Sandglass. In less than 20 hours, she achieves level 76. Because level 76 is in a different level range than the last Nevit's Sandglass she purchased, Character B can purchase a new Nevit's Sandglass right away that is tailored to her new level range.
Nevit's Advent Blessing
The Nevit system is another XP boosting system with a vitality replenishing bonus.There is a gauge that gets filled up while hunting or when leveling up(30% at once in the second case). When the gauge reaches 100%, Nevit's Blessing is applied, the character receives a vitality replenishing buff for 3 minutes, and XP bonus equivalent to the 4th stage of vitality (300%).
The Hunting Bonus gauge does not activate or grow from gaining experience points from monsters that are nine levels or more below your character or from gaining experience points while inside a Peace Zone.

Party XP bonus
the required XP for leveling from 78 to 85 has been reduced, the XP bonuses from parties have been changed and there is a XP penalty if the difference between the highest-lowest character in the party is 9 levels or more
full guide here:
The recommendation timer starts when you log in, so make sure to make the first hour of being logged count, otherwise log off to stop the timer.
The nevit gauge gets filled for 3 hours, after that it won't work until the next day. The timer stops when the character is in a peace zone or has reloged. So if you go AFK and you are outside a peace zone just SOE or log off. Do not leave the character there or the nevit timer will continue to count and you can end up losing the nevit bonus for that day.

Second class change
There is a shortcut quest for second class change, starts in Giran blacksmith shop. It costs 3kk to make it, in return for the 3 marks. Make the second class quests that are easy to do, skip the hard one(s), do the shortcut quest and you will receive in the end 1kk for each mark you already had. You still have to pay the 3kk but you can get 1-2kk adena back. Start the quest(s) before level 40 while teleports are still free of charge.
Archers should definitely skip the 3rd quest since plains of lizardmen has been revamped and the monsters required for 3rd quest are very few and all in one place. You could spend hours finishing it. In those hours you could already be 50+.

Note by KaEL: The 2nd classchange takes aprox 2-3 hours in H5 and gives at 5x quest rewards a 7-8kk reward. Clanhall donations will be set at 75% of the exact reward! I therefore HIGHLY recommend to not spend 3kk here instead of earning 7-8kk and get in trouble with your donation!

Also, start the 2nd class change quests when you can (ie 35, 37 and 39) but dont turn them in before you have all 3 of them done. Otherwise you will lvl past 40 to fast and have to start paying for ports!

Don't spend money on low items (ng/D/C/B). You will level up so fast that you'll get to 60+ in a few hours. You can buy top D/C common items from NPC shops in rune/stuttgart/goddard/giran, including jewels and shots D/C,. Teleports are free until level 41 so no problem getting there.
B items are available in Aden, including shadow B weapons.
A grade items (normal) are available in Luxury shop in Giran. A low A grade set costs around 10kk and a weapon around 22kk adena. Buy the set, find a common A grade weapon.
FOG and PI now drop S grade weapons and armors including Arcana Mace and Heaven's Divider. PI is a mage only area.
Items higher then S grade can be obtained from normal monsters (parts,recs,full items), quests or dungeons and raids.

Den of Evil (81+) , farming possible after level 78, excellent for melee solo
full guide here:;type=guide;id=251
-drops include attribute stones (earth/wind mostly) and Dinasty

Crypts of Disgrace (81+), farming possible after level 78, excellent for melee party (AOE)
full guide here:;type=guide;id=250
-drops include attribute stones and Dinasty

Mithril Mines(81+), farming possible after level 78, excellent for archers solo
full guide here:;type=guide;id=248
-drops include attribute stones and Dinasty

Giant's Cave(79+), farming possible after 75 on 1st floor, excellent for melee polearms small party
-second and third floor are exclusive for melees, farming possible after level 79-80 with 150 attribute on weapons, or daggers with half kills, drops include Dinasty items, attribute stones and giant codexes (including mastery)
full guide here:;type=guide;id=254

Forge of Gods(76+), farming possible after level 74 on top floor and after level 76-77(preferably with COV or prophecy) on lower level
-great for mages AOE, or archers on golem spot (lower level)
-drops include low S items, attribute stones (holy stones), mats
-teleport to lower level can be done via a NPC at the entrance to the bridge inside FOG upper level

Dragon Valley:
-entrance: 78+, great for mages or healers with turn undead solo farm, or any other class with decent gear; drops include moirai jewels and armors, giant codexes and attribute stones (dark,wind,earth)
-advanced teleport to DV can be done only after level 80 through ghost NPC in Hunters Village, (this is when the quest for Vesper can be taken)
-Scorpion spot- great for mages AOE or normal farm, requires 150 attribute on weapon, tank and party setup for morale buff
-Leech spot- great for mages AOE
-drops include attribute stones/crystals/Moirai drops/ giant codexes

-great for any good party, players can reach different spots in LOA via Ghost NPC in hunters or DV, farming possible after level 81-83 with 150 attribute weapons and S+ armors and jewels.
-drops include moirai/vesper items, giant codexes (including mastery), attribute stones/crystals, vesper noble stones from Spoil

Plains of Lizardmen:
-great for level 80+ archers solo, with 150 attribute on weapon
-drops include moirai items, giant codexes, attribute stones,crystals, forgotten scrolls for 81+ skills

Fields of whispers/Silence:
-excellent for mages 80+ , solo with 150 attribute on weapon
-full guide here:;type=guide;id=256
-drops include giant codexes,attribute stones, moirai items, also there is a quest for moirai recs and parts (robe only)

Primeval Isle:
-excellent for solo mages
-drops inlclude low S items (including arcana mace), attribute stones and mats

Monastery of Silence:
1st floor- great for solo players, farming possible after 79+ with 150 attribute, drops include vesper items, giant codexes, forgotten scrolls
2nd floor-great for parties, excellent for archer parties or mage parties with good equip, farming possible after 79-80 with 150 attribute and decent gear, drops include vesper items, codexes, stones,crystals, forgotten scrolls
full guide here:;type=guide;id=260

Beast Farm:
-good spot for level 80+ melee solo or small party, monsters spoil vesper recs and parts
-drops include moirai/vesper items,attribute stones,crystals, codexes

Silent valley (revamped in Gracia Final)
-excellent for solo/small melee party, good place to setup bots :D , monsters are not aggressive nor social
-farming possible after 70 until 80+
-drops include A grade common (phoenix jewels mostly) and forgotten scrolls for 2nd class

Pavel Ruins/Archaic Laboratory
-excellent for archers solo/party, drops include S items, attribute stones
-farming possible after level 65-68

Sel Mahum Training Grounds
-excellent for melee AOE solo or small party lvl 79+ with 150 attribute weapons
-drops include Moirai,attribute stones, crystals, forgotten scrolls


Pailaka quest series: 3 quests for paialaka instances are available at levels 36-42 (Gludin), 61-67(Giran), 73-77(Goddard), each quest offers xp/vitality and a special item. I strongly suggest these quests to be done on subclass. The simultaneous instances available are limited and you could end up spamming the NPC for quite some time.

Hall of Abyss(Kama for short): available starting with level 23 for 2-5 ppl party, each x3,x6 levels there are more kamas available until level 73 (last kama). Range limit is +- 5 levels from the kama level (e.g.: to enter level 26 kama players need to be between levels 21 and 31). Not worth doing in my opinion, waste of vitality points
Labyrinth of Abyss (Laba for short): available starting with level 29, every x9 leves (29,39,...78,81,83), maximum of 9 player party (also 9 player party is required if you want to finish it), good drops, vitality gain, good XP.
short guide: 2 mob rooms- first reduces final raids' P def, second reduces the M def (so if you are mage party skip first room,fighter party skip second room).
*1st raid (no minions)-reduces last raids' P atack, very hard to kill raid, no drops
*2nd raid (4 minions)- easy to kill, has 2 healers that you need to kill first, has reflect damage (titans in frenzy are no use)
-entry available once /day, resets at 06:30 server time
Seed of Infinity (Breakthrough Hall of Erosion) - SOI for short
Available at 75, doable at 78-79+ with 150 attributes, or with 3-4 Fenrirs. Drops include S items and if done on time also a chance for Forgotten scrolls. Replenishes vitality equal to the vitality lost while doing the instance. Max level for the instance is 82. 2 quests are required : To the Seed of Infinity (from Kleucerus base), and Breakthrough Hall of Erosion (inside SOI).
-entry available once/day, resets at 06:30 server time

Zaken Daytime:
level 60 Easy mode: a party of 9 players can enter zaken ( I'm not sure if less then 9 can enter), light candles to find zaken, or use AOE bug, the raid is very easy,chance to drop Earring of Zaken and level up soul crystals. There are no level requirements to enter (you can go with a 78 WC /BD, 2 destros, stay with WC/BD at entrance, find Zaken, come back to buff/dance, kill him in 10 seconds. Easy way to farm for earring)
resets Monday,Wednesday and Saturday
level 83 Hard mode: 9-27 players can enter, same progression mode, doable with 81+ well equipped chars and full CC (27 players), after 83 possible with 1 strong party with DOD (from necro) and 2 titans. Drops include moirai/vesper/vorpal,life stones, forgotten scrolls, can level up crystals, small chance to drop Blessed Earring of Zaken.
-same reset days

Zaken Nighttime:
-although earring drop is 100%, it's rather impossible without sufficient time and manpower

Attribute system
With Freya update, the attribute system has changed a bit. You can now add up to 3 different elements on the same piece of armor.
-weapons can be attributed up to 150 using stones,and from 150 to 300 using crystals
-armors can be attributed up to 60/60/60 using stones,and up to 120/120/120 using crystals
-you cannot use opposing elements on the same piece of armor
-attributing a piece of armor gives resistance to the opposing element (e.g.: add holy stones will give dark resist not holy resist)
-weapon attribute is linked to skills and skill enchantment, adding same path of enchantment (e.g.: enchanting hydroblast for water power) will add to the weapon attribute, but testing showed that enchanting for power after Freya update is much more useful than enchant for element (more PVP efficient)
-summons receive 80%(or 100% not sure) of your weapon attribute. The skills of the summons are also influenced by the attribute. The AOE from Magnus gains power if elemental master has water attribute on weapon. Their defense is not influenced by summoner's armor elements
-you can exchange an elemental stone for the opposing element at attribute masters in Rune and Aden. (change fire stone for water stone), crystals cannot be exchanged for the opposite element
-you can exchange 5 stones with same attribute +3kk adena for a crystal with the same attribute (5 fire stones +3kk adena=1 fire crystal)

There are 2 types of fortresses on the map :large and small. The main difference between them is that the large fort has a control room. When sieging a fort, the clan leader will register with the mysterious merchant NPC and the siege will start 1 hour after registration.
In order to take the fort, the clan needs to put a banner on top of the fort. In order to place the banner, the clan needs to take out 3 captain NPCs and eventually the NPC leader of the fort. When sieging a large fort, in addition the control room needs to be deactivated. For that reason a large fort is rather difficult to take without a crafter, since crafters have a higher chance of finding the correct deactivation codes required for the control room.
Fortress dungeon
Each fortress that has not signed an alliance with its corresponding castle has 2 instanced dungeons where a party can enter every 4h (note : only 1 party can enter every 4h, so if a party entered, no other party can enter within 4h time).
There are 2 quests corresponding to each dungeon:
Awl under foot: --->it's the same quest as the castle dungeon
Light within the darkness:
-the quests reward with knight epaulettes needed to buy various items from fortress NPC (including talismans, bracelets, etc)
-the raids form 1st dungeon drop from Top B to Top A items
-the raids from 2nd dungeon drop from Low S to S80 items and bracelets, codexes, shirts
-each castle has similar dungeons only for higher levels

Treasure Chests
They can only be opened through the Unlock skill or the newly added Maestro Key. (They can no longer be opened with Treasure Chest Keys.) The Maestro Key can be purchased from Grocer NPCs in each village or obtained through the Summon Treasure Key skill.

Treasure Chest rewards depend on both your character's level and the level of the Treasure Chest:

If your character is level 77 or below, you can receive rewards from Treasure Chests within six levels of your character level. For example, if you are level 77, you can get rewards from Treasure Chests of levels 71 through 83 only.
If your character is level 78 or higher, you can receive rewards from Treasure Chests within five levels of your character level. For example, if you are level 78, you can get rewards from Treasure Chests of levels 73 through 83 only.
If you get no rewards from a Treasure Chest, the chest self-destructs and disappears.

If you are very lucky, you can obtain an Adventurer's Treasure Sack from a Treasure Chest. The three types of Adventurer's Treasure Sack you can receive are related to the level of the Treasure Chest.

Beginner Adventurer's Treasure Sack: One random D-Grade or C-Grade weapon.
Experienced Adventurer's Treasure Sack: One random B-Grade, A-Grade, or S-Grade weapon (excluding Dynasty).
Great Adventurer's Treasure Sack: One random Dynasty, Icarus, or Vesper weapon.

Lucky Pig

While hunting in certain zones, you can encounter the Lucky Pig. (It has replaced the Fortune Bug.) Lucky Pig is a flying pig with white feathery wings. When it appears, it shouts and approaches a nearby character at random.
Lucky Pig eats Adena dropped nearby and disappears if not fed for 10 minutes. You can feed Adena to Lucky Pig a minimum of three times and a maximum of ten times. Talk to it to determine if it's full. When it is full, Lucky Pig loses its wings. At that point, it may give you a reward for feeding it.
You can obtain a reward either by feeding Lucky Pig ten times or talking to it after you have fed it at least three times
Lucky Pig Locations:

Level 52 Lucky Pig: Enchanted Valley.
Level 70 Lucky Pig: Forest of the Dead, Valley of Saints.
Level 80 Lucky Pig: Wild Beast Pastures, Plains of the Lizardmen, Sel Mahum Training Grounds, Fields of Whispers & Silence, Crypts of Disgrace, Den of Evil, Primeval Isle, and the solo area in Dragon Valley.

Lucky Pig Rewards:
Level 52 Lucky Pig: Neolithic Crystal B and Top-Grade Life Stone - Level 52.
Level 70 Lucky Pig: Neolithic Crystal A and Soul Crystals - Stage 11.
Level 80 Lucky Pig: Neolithic Crystal S and Attribute crystals.
You can exchange Neolithic Crystals with a Dimensional Merchant to change a normal weapon into a rare weapon. (Dimensional Merchants are now functional.) To change a weapon into a rare weapon, you need to supply the Dimensional Merchant with the weapon and 1 Neolithic Crystal of the same grade.

to be updated with more info soon
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Re: Tips and tricks for H5

Postby Chuy » Thu Nov 01, 2012 1:17 pm

okay some more infos from my side :D

since i didnt read about the Clan Reputation Points (in short CRP) - System i will write a bit here:
when character of low lvl are placed into the Academy from a clan and the character finishs the 2nd class change quest (doesnt matter with the shortcut or the long way) the clan will earn CRP. with those CRP the clan leader can buy passive skills applying to the clan members with a certain lvl.
take a look here:
i think the description here concerning the "classes" isnt up to date, so it can differ quite a bit from RPG server.
But however those skills are very important and u can gain a lot of max hp/mp, defense and attack power.
There are alos some RBs that will give a few CRP when the CL got the quest for it.
CRP can also be used for increasing the Clans lvl, for creating Royal Guards, etc

PS: recommend me all on the first day as u see me :P

Kama 81 and SoI are dropping a lot of S-Grade Items too

DV is a really good place to farm stones. good xp and for a small or full party some mobs are even easy to kill (Drakos). its possible to farm 100+ stones a day (dark stones). wind stones are dropping from the leeches and scorpions. leeches are harder, better xp but lower drop chance for stones then the Drakos. Scorpions are hardest and way too hard in the beginning. and additional the same drops rate as the leeches, so i would recommend to hunt leeches instead of scorpions.

LoA is almost impossible to farm without propper gear, mobs dealing way too much dmg, even on a tank with maxed defense attributes and in S84 armor.

MoS will be crowded with ppl farming S84 items to craft them. XP is ok. not that difficult with 150 attributes on the weapon

Beast farm is a pain in the ass, feeding all those mobs is just a waste of time, that why noone ever is xping there ;)

in H5 we do zaken normally with a small party like cov, sd, sk and 1-2 dd :D The Drops from Zaken would for sure benefit us in the beginning.

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Re: Tips and tricks for H5

Postby FlatOut » Thu Nov 01, 2012 1:45 pm

I can confirm den of evil as an amazing solo exp zone for a dagger 75-6 + I soloed my AW there on NA retail. It can be easy exp for those times when parties arent rolling even for BDs/SWSs and stuff
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Re: Tips and tricks for H5

Postby KaEL » Thu Nov 01, 2012 5:21 pm

Nice guide, This was on my todo list for a while ^^
Will review and add comments where needed later!

FlatOut wrote:I can confirm den of evil as an amazing solo exp zone for a dagger 75-6 + I soloed my AW there on NA retail. It can be easy exp for those times when parties arent rolling even for BDs/SWSs and stuff

Den of Evil is mostly short range attack weak, even with sws/bd combo on CH buffs you can grind there pretty efficient!
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Re: Tips and tricks for H5

Postby AncEv » Thu Nov 01, 2012 6:04 pm

I will add more stuff tomorrow when I'm bored at work xD
about CH donations: considering that they were postponed on 3x , might take 2 weeks before we get a CH. In 2 weeks 7-8kk is nothing,even 1 week.
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Re: Tips and tricks for H5

Postby FxFree » Thu Nov 01, 2012 6:13 pm

Nice guides AncEv and Chuy, will definately help me get thru a couple of levels since I haven't played this in awhile :)
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Re: Tips and tricks for H5

Postby Chuy » Sun Nov 04, 2012 7:04 pm

Afaik there is also a new mail system in H5. with that u can mail things from 1 char to another char. u can only receive or send mails when ur in a peace zone (eg towns). u can attach up to 8 items (for each material 1 slots - doenst matter how much) per mail and send them to whoever u want. additional there is a payment mail - nice thing for trading. u just send an email with payment request, and the receiver can only get the item, when he pays the adena u want.

Additional u can "shift" all items to chat. means u hold shift and click with the mouse on an item and it will show up in the chat. that way u can show other ppl what items u have, without giving them away :D

all items, except full items stacks now and takes only 1 inventory slot. furthermore u can increase ur inventory slots with fishing up to 150 i think. Quest items will go to a different inventory with also 80 slots.

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Re: Tips and tricks for H5

Postby AncEv » Mon Nov 05, 2012 7:50 am

I will make a separate post for this guide, because it's not chronicle related. I will not add prints since I'm too lazy, if anyone has questions I will make a full guide with prints.
How to improve FPS in L2
Requirements: 8GB of RAM or higher, RAMDisk freeware
RAMDisk is a program that makes a physical partition out of your RAM memory, the free version allows a partition up to 4 GB. Download and install the free version. Make a partition of 4000 MB RAM. You will see the partition in My Computer.
Change the name of Systextures folder in your L2 folder into Systextures1.Make an empty folder called Systextures in the l2 folder.
Right click My Computer---> Manage option---> Storage--->Disk Management--->Right click on the RAM partition--->Change Drive Letters and Paths----> Click Change---> Mount in the following NTFS folder---> Select the empty Systextures folder.
Now the RAM partition is mounted in the l2 folder Systextures that you created. Copy all the files from Systextures1 to the empty Systextures folder and run L2.
note: you will have to copy/paste the files every time you restart PC since all data in RAM is lost. If you turn off RAMDisk you will have to repeat the whole process when you start it again.
You can make a RAM partition for the Textures folder instead if that will improve the FPS or for those who have 16 GB of RAM and want to purchase RAMDisk, you can make a RAM parition for the whole L2.
RAM speed is superior even to SSD speed so this will improve your FPS a lot,also it's a lot cheaper. I've tested on the 3x server with Systextures in RAM partition, got 30-40 FPS in Aden with alt+p off and highest details-range.
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Re: Tips and tricks for H5

Postby AncEv » Wed Nov 21, 2012 11:48 am

I've waited for the server to start so everyone knows how Nevit's Blessing works.
A few things to consider:
-Nevit bar is filled when- A. You XP and B. You level up (by 30%)
-Vitality buff is applied when bar reaches 100% for 3 min
-the way vitality is gain is direct proportional to the base XP of the mob you hit (not kill)
ex: a party is farming in GC2, you have vitality buff on, hit a mob once, do 1 damage, party kills it, you earn 5 XP and vitality equal to the amount received if you were the one that killed the mob
-vitality is maintained when switching from subclass to main or viceversa
Considering these aspects there are 3 major ways to use game mechanics (it's not an exploit per se) to restore vitality when having Nevit Blessing on:
1. AOE- easiest way to do it. When you are in a AOE party and you are close to reaching 100% on Nevit bar, ask the one responsible of making trains to make a big one. It's important that the blessing is on when the train of mobs is done. Leave the party and AOE once the train (make sure you don't take aggro). Let the party kill the mobs, repeat step if Nevit is still on (make another train fast). You will gain vitality as if you killed the mobs solo.
2. Half kill farming- farming in a place where mobs are hard to kill and give tons of XP, such as GC2. Same tactic as 1st option, when Nevit is on leave party and hit mobs. If there are more parties farming just hit any mob you see.
3. Delevel-ress: works well on low levels (specially on subclass). When you are about 3-4% on the level, take a bishop/EE to a high farming place with easy access(GC2/DV/FOG/COD). Let yourself get killed by mobs to delevel, than get ressed by healer. Repeat process to fill Nevit. KS mobs from parties farming there to make vitality. Go make 3-4% on the level again. Come back repeat process until you fill up the bars (takes about 20-30 min). Switch to main if you want.

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