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Clan Rules

Postby KaEL » Wed Aug 06, 2008 11:11 am


Respect & Discipline
Respect your fellow clan members, there is no room for flamers or whiners in this clan.

Respect the people who make decisions, we cannot pleasure every single one of you when we have to make choices. Sometimes decisions will be made in your favour, sometimes you will be less pleased with our choices.

When you are given an order by someone organizing an event or the clan management in general: follow it. Although we try to listen to every single one of you and treasure your opinions, this clan is not a democracy and in general there is no place for arguments. If you have serious concerns with some of our choices contact those people in PM on the forums.

Voice communication program
Simple: Make sure it works
If you don’t have a working microphone at least make sure you are able to listen.
Basic language in voice-com is English!
Being on voice com is mandatory while in game!

They’re the most important thing in our organization, read them regularly to avoid "I didn’t know" situations.
Ignorance is not an excuse!

A lot of us are a bit older and have families and full time jobs. Playing in this clan, however, brings with it responsibilities as well. We understand lineage II is just a game but it is also a lifestyle and we require some sort of dedication to our clan in order to succeed. Therefore, if you hardly log and will take part of the events it will be noticed and you will be kicked.
If you are going away for more then 3 days, post in the related thread in the private forum.
Actions will be taken to those who ignore this and go away without letting us know in the form of two formal warnings.
(Compare it to playing your favourite sport in a team and not showing up for practise or that important match)

Sieges are held every 14 days in the weekends.
Activity at sieges is important, even if you play 80 hours a week but never show up at sieges you are not much use to the clan.
If you are not able to come to a Siege please state it in the post to the corresponding siege!
(Again see favourite sport reference above)

Clan events
Clan events need to be attended at a regular interval. End game we will raid on a daily basis, these raids add a lot to the success factor of this clan and there for attending these raids is mandatory.
Although it is hard to keep track we will notice those people who do not attend events on a regular basis.

We are a pvp clan, whenever your help is needed by a fellow clan member try to help him out.
Helping him out does not necessarily mean going there with two people vs a full party and neither does it involve going with a full party vs a single person; you will only make us look bad.
In any case; make sure you go well prepared (MA, necessary support etc)!
IF after all these guidelines you still fail, leave the battle field with “GF”, it’s the strongest flame imaginable.

Items & Equipment

Basic Materials
You will keep basic materials in your own warehouse; of course we highly recommend to help a fellow member if he lacks a few mats for his zomg bow, sword, w/e. But the major pile of your mats will stay in your own warehouse.

Key Materials & Recipes
Keep what you need, depo in the cwh what you don’t need (eg: if you craft nightmare, drop majesitc parts to CWH and keep nightmare parts). This goes for top A grade and above - detailed list is provided in separate topic. The key mats from the cwh will be divided among the people who are able or nearly able to craft that certain item.

Full Drops
Same rules as for the key parts apply to full drops.

Raid Drops
Raid drops (armor) will be distributed in the form of full sets to members based on their activity on raids, other events and level; make yourself important to the clan and you will be taken care of.
Raid drops are picked by the clan leader, co-leaders or the leader or the raid event.
Please note that a normal member should never pick drops at the raid when there is a clan-leader or a co-leader present, so refrain from spamming /pickup at raids. Picking up drops at a raid results in a warning!

Epic Jewellery
Epic jewellery will be divided on the same basis as the raid drops.
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