3Friends lf clan L2evoke

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3Friends lf clan L2evoke

Postby Clasic » Tue Nov 26, 2013 5:16 pm

1. Where have you played before?
- Clans LithuanianVodka (L2Blaze x75) and I don't really know the other clans I have been into.
- Servers (including rates) L2Deathland x75 L2blaze x75 BFDR x5 Avalon x7, Beyond x5 loads of PvP servers, GoD global. Some other low rate, mid rate Russian, Lithuanian server I can't remmember
- Ingame Nicks Clasic, Performe, Perfas, DarkRider and more.
- Classes & Levels I really can't say for sure. I play everything I find intersting to play at the moment.

2. Now? (main + sub if you have one)
- Class Shiller Oracle
- Nick Clasic
- Current lvl 64
- Gear Karmian, Mysterious sword + acu, C gr juve.

3. Ingame Goals? Why should we take you?
I like playing Lineage 2, like doing stuff that need to be done.

4. Do you have friends who would also like to join (class+lvl)?
Yes, two acctualy. Destro 65 and Destro 65

5. Personal Info?
- GMT? Country & location? +2 Lithuania, Europe
- Age 17
- How Active (Hours a week)? I can only say the times I can be online and that would be 15-23h work days 9-3h weekends. The playing time differs on that I have to to.

6. Other info
- Will you be able to join us on sieges/epic bosses even if they are deep in the night on your time zone? They'r not.
- Do you use TS3 and mic? (this is a must!) Sure I do.
- Do you know anyone in the clan already who can vote/vouch for you? Who? No I do not.
- Why do you want to join Apocalypse? Because I'm an active player that tries his hardest and has the ability to adapt to almost everyone.
- I have read and I accept the rules of the clan (Yes/No) Yes
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Re: 3Friends lf clan L2evoke

Postby Propkius » Tue Nov 26, 2013 7:34 pm

-1 for playing in biggest BS mid rate LT servers and actually writing that...

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Re: 3Friends lf clan L2evoke

Postby Timer » Tue Nov 26, 2013 8:22 pm

Not including that we have game experience in low rate servers such as Avalon, Beyond, GoD global, RPG-club. Although we didn't archive that much there. But I think that we would be useful to you and the are hoping to get a chance to prove ourselves.

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