Indestructible - App - L2Max

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Indestructible - App - L2Max

Postby Indestructible » Sat May 03, 2014 12:06 pm

1. Where have you played before?
- Clans
- Servers (including rates)- Many, mid rates in special. 5-35x
- Ingame Nicks - Indestructible/GodLight/DeadlyKiss
- Classes & Levels - PK rullz and MS

2. Now? (main + sub if you have one)
- Class - MoonLight Sentinel
- Nick - Indestructible
- Current lvl - 79
- Gear - Plated set/C-B-A (phoenix) jewels/BoP+qr

3. Ingame Goals? Why should we take you?
I'm looking for a active clan wich is powerful and united.
I love to play in team, with a good team.

4. Do you have friends who would also like to join (class+lvl)?
Just me.

5. Personal Info?
- GMT? Country & location?-GMT+2 / Romania / RM. Valcea
- Age - 22
- How Active (Hours a week)? - 4/5 hours per day. Depend how much I work. I can play and more.

6. Other info
- Will you be able to join us on sieges/epic bosses even if they are deep in the night on your time zone? - Yes, That is the best!
- Do you use TS3 and mic? (this is a must!) - Yes
- Do you know anyone in the clan already who can vote/vouch for you? Who? - For moment noone. I'm new.
- Why do you want to join Apocalypse? - I want to play with a great team and a powerful clan. I love Sieges/Epics/Bosses/ Mass PVP's in team!
- I have read and I accept the rules of the clan (Yes/No) - OFC YES!
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Re: Indestructible - App - L2Max

Postby KaEL » Sun May 04, 2014 10:29 am

Atm we're not recruiting - sorry and GL on l2max!
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