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Application * Rejected

Postby LiLJoN » Sun Oct 12, 2008 9:14 pm

Posted: 12 Oct 2008, 23:52
by LiLJoN
Where have you played before?
- Clans Evolution,Angels,Take0v3r,B58,HellKnights and many other
- Servers (including rates)AbyssL2-3x,10x,Revolutions-4x,L2Hope-7x,30x,DragonNetwork-5x,15x,50x,Paradise-5x,7x,SupremeL2-15x and many other java servers
- Ingame Nicks - GoDGuarD,WatchYourBack,ThreeSixMafia,LiLJoN,ArLeKiN
- Classes & Levels - All classes till 78+

Now? (main + sub if you have one)
- Class BladeDancer,BountyHunter
- Nick LiLJoN(BD)<--Main Char,SexAbyss(BH)
- Current BD(60+),BH(44+)
- Gear C grade(Now working on B grade almost gather all the mats for BW Set need only asofe,mold glue and recs)

Ingame Goals?PvP,PK(only if someone annoy me),crafting,helping clanmates and having fun with them,organize parties etc

Personal Info?
- GMT? Country & location? +2GMT Varna City,Bulgaria
- Age - 20
- How Active (Hours a week)? 38+ hours a Week

Other info
- Will you be able to join us on sieges/epic bosses even if they are deep in the night on your time zone? Yes i can.I give everyting for clan,and my dances are deadly :D
- Do you use Ventrilo and mic?Yes i have a mic and can speak egnlish
- Do you know anyone in the clan already who can vote for you?Not yet but i will happy if i could meet you all :P
- Why do you want to join Apocalypse? Because of stability,making pvps,RBs,parties,helping with Dances
- I have read and I accept the rules of the clan (Yes/No) Yes i do

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