[L2OFF] L2Waterland - Mid - H5 - 31.01.14

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[L2OFF] L2Waterland - Mid - H5 - 31.01.14

Postby hajwel » Sun Jan 19, 2014 12:11 pm

Administration of L2 WaterLand is presenting a new Lineage II [OFF] High -Five part 5 server.
Our Mid Rate Server is prepared to welcome North and South America same as CIS countries and Europe Players.
Start of advertising company is from 04.01.2014
OBT is planned to be about 24.01.2014

Live of Server is planned to be at the end of the January (31.01.2014)




Max. Clients per PC - w/o limit

fully automated payments systems: Paypall and WebMoney

We have added NonInstanced Frintezza and Zaken. Both 85 lvl to improve pvp on our server.

Experience (EXP) - x15
Skill Points (SP) - x15
Adena - x10
Spoil - x7 (premium x10)
Drop Items - x7 (premium x10)
Seal Stones x5
Quest item drop - x3
RB drop - x3
Epic jewelry drop - x1
Manor - reward x3
subclass max lvl 80

Buff Slots 24
Dance and Songs Slots 12

NPC BUFFER with buffs for 1h. no resists, no cat/horse, no craft buffs, no OL buffs, schemes included
Global GK
GM shop up to S grades (old S grade and Dynasty)
CLASS NPC for 1st, 2nd, 3rd class and subclass quest

mana potion (cooldown 20 s - 1000 mp)

auto learn skills up to 80 lvl

Enchants - Retail
olympiad - Retail (1 month cycle)

Epic Bosses and RB's alive on start of the server

Changes for Epic's and RB's:

AQ, CORE, ORFEN respawn 1day +2h window (30% chance for jewelry)
BAIUM lv85 respawn 5 days +2h window (drops changed to vespers guns)
Antharas lv85 respawn 8 days +2h window 100% jewelry
Valakas lv85 respawn 11 days +2h window 100% jewelry

We have added 2 more epics to our World:
Frintezza and zaken (not instanced) both 85lvl
zaken - 5days +2h
frintezza - 5days +2h

All RB's respawn time 12h+2h

OFFLINE SHOPS for every character - to make sure market will run correctly on high levels

Merchant and Blacksmith of Mammon in Giran
Item Broker with balanced items (no epics)

Increased weight limit - passive skill added for every character created.

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