[L2OFF] L2 Arien Interlude Server x20 BETA: 22.03.2014

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[L2OFF] L2 Arien Interlude Server x20 BETA: 22.03.2014

Postby l2arien » Wed Mar 05, 2014 2:54 pm


Long time ago i've played lineage 2 with friends, and its hard take so much time to player one game so long. Then with experience in management and some people saying to we open one.
Now we are proud in announce this project: L2 Arien

Mixing features both low rate and mid rate servers.

BETA: 22.03.14 - 04.03.14
OFFICIAL START: 05.04.2014

Server rates
EXP: 20x
SP: 10x
Adena: 10x
Spoil Rates: 7x
Seal Stone: 5x
Raid drops: 4x
Epic raid drops: 2x

The Hardware
OVH System
Ram: 64 Gb DDR3
Cpu: Intel Xeon E5-1620v2
Anti-DDOS by OVH System
Harddisks: 2 x Intel 1TB Sata 3 | 2xSSD 160 Gb

Our Features
Offilineshop avaliable (free)
Working community server
Two Boxes allowed simultaneously
Class Transfer 1th and 2th 3th
Spawn windows for epic bosses limited at 4 hours
Cursed swords (Akamanah & Zariche) disabled in first two weeks
GM SHOP with Recipes until B grade by Adena | Consumables and Misc.
NPC Buffer: PP EE and Dark Elf only
SHOP With misc items and Recipes until B grade.

About Donation
We put Recipes and SA Crystal to be sold like items and Mark for Classes only, because we believe that it makes a balanced server without favoring those who don't wish donate. There will in any case never be any game influencing donations on L2 Arien,The team behind this project owns company of DataWarehouse, the project of lineage 2 is one of new projects with Games. We are therefore not depending on our players to pay our server bills! Money that we gain from donations will be used to compensate our advertising budget.

We are doing with together, and why not call players to suggest the future of server? We thought in open mid rate server, with features in Low and High Rates. We hop you in forum to discut with us about this! Questions? Step by our forum and talk with us!!

http://www.l2arien.com / http://forum.l2arien.com

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