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[L2J - GE] L2 Red vs. Blue Faction PvP

Postby l2rvb » Wed Apr 30, 2014 4:22 am

Red vs. Blue Open Beta


Hey folks,

Red vs Blue Beta has begun! For more information about the currently implemented features presented in the Open Beta, read below.

Main Events List

• Team vs. Team
• Capture the Flag
• King of The Hill
• Castle Battles
• Bomb Squad
• Neutral CTF
• Multi-Team TvT
• Multi-Team CTF
• Multi-Team KoTH
• Battlefield

Mini Events List

• Zombies
• Elimination

Game Play Features

• Scoreboard (K/D Ratios)
• Communityboard (Event Statistics)
• Achievements (Shift+Click to View)
• Spree Engine
• Multi-Kill Engine
• Self-Buffs (Do not use Buff Slots)
• Blank Scroll Every 5 Kills
• Farmzones (Party & Solo port)
• Fame will Change Title Color
• PvP Rewards Shared by Damage Dealt
• .buff & .buffsummon (Commands)
• Removed 81+ Skills
• .buff & .buffsummon (Commands)
• Healers Earn Exp/Sp/Spree from Resurrecting players.
• Fully working Custom Armor enchant rate system.
• Fully working custom weapon enchant rate system. Kills will be saved to the weapons objectId.
• Enchant Guide
• Looted Goods for Crafting
• Tops Stats (Shift+Click to View)
• Shift+Click (Player Stats)
• Spoiling Adena (Reward based on targets Level & Current Hp)
• Noble Manager (Requires blood crystal and level 79)
• Mana potions usable only outside of combat stance.

Thanks, and I’ll be looking forward to seeing a lot of you Beta Testing!


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