[L2J Gracia Epilogue] L2 Red vs Blue Faction - Grand Opening

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[L2J Gracia Epilogue] L2 Red vs Blue Faction - Grand Opening

Postby McNugget » Sat Jul 05, 2014 7:27 am

• PvP Rewards Shared by Damage Dealt - XP/SP/AA/Adena
• Spree Engine
• Multi-Kill Engine
• Scoreboard after every event (K/D Ratios)
• Achievements [Fame will change title color]
• Shift+click to view a players character stats/top spree/multi-kill info/achievements
• Community board (Event Statistics/Top players by PvP count)
• Healers earn Exp/Sp/Spree from resurrecting players
• Spoilers can spoil adena from players (Reward based on targets Level & Current Hp)
• Blank Scroll Every 5 Kills - usable to buy enchants in the NPC shop
• Fully working custom weapon enchant rate system (Kills will be saved to the weapons objectId)
• Enchant Guide - will show the success rate of a blessed scroll when enchanting a weapon
• Fully working Custom Armor enchant rate system
• Looted Goods for Crafting - can be earned by killing players in events / mobs in farm zones
• Farmzones (Party & Solo port - Used to get GKT from Champion mobs and Raid bosses)
• Noble Manager (You can obtain noblesse status by being lvl 79 on your main class + having a lvl 78 sub class + having a Blood Crystal in your inventory)
• Removed 81+ Skills
• Mana potions usable only outside of combat stance.• Dragonspine Fortress
• Olympiad Battles
• Epic Raidboss Drops and NPC
• Dodgeball
• Event Balance (Based on Players Level/Class)
• Easy/Medium/Hard Raid Instances

• NPC buffer - 12 slots for prophet/elven elder/shillien elder buffs & 12 slots for dances/songs
• Self-Buffs do not use buff slots
• .buff & .buffsummon commands (usable in events/war manager/town to buff player/summon)
• You need to be lvl 78 to be able to buff other players

Server specifications


Processor Intel Xeon E3 1245v2
Cores/Threads 4 cores/ 8 threads
Frequency 3.4 GHz+
Disks 2 x 120 GB SSD
Network connection 1Gbps
Bandwidth 200 Mbps
IPv4 1
IPv6 /64
Backup space 100 GB (included)

Anti-DDoS Protection
Capacity 1Gbps
Device Cisco Catalyst


Montreal Canada (OVH Data center)
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Re: [L2J Gracia Epilogue] L2 Red vs Blue Faction - Grand Ope

Postby Arin » Wed Aug 20, 2014 2:53 pm

UAU! it has a motherboard!

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