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Beyond World - Register and win gaming gear!

Postby SCB » Thu Jul 31, 2014 5:47 pm

Register on their site and you may have chance of winning real stuff! More info on the site! Register today! ... 62646b12cb

Ideal place to have fun before RPG starts.

After a long period of time the old legend – Beyond World – is back! Oh yeah! And we’re back with new energy, new stable files and new strong hardware!

Lineage 2 High Five x7 rated retail L2OFF server will start on August 8th, 19:00 EEST!

We’re launching multiple advertisement campaigns to gather thousands of players online together! You’ll have an ability to help us to get more players online too! So stay tuned and follow upcoming news about the event, which will give you an ability to win Lineage 2 collector statues, SSD drives, brand new smartphones and even a laptop!

And that’s not all buddies! There will be more such an events during the game and before it – once x100 BETA server will be online – most active testers will get some awesome rewards too!

So stay with us, join our forum discussions, participate in events and you won’t get bored while waiting the server start! ... 62646b12cb

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