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Postby ProjectX » Fri Aug 22, 2014 9:52 am

- Lineage][Destiny,
is aiming for full retail gameplay experience with slighlty boosted rates. There are no custom items or zones added nor will be added in future. Everything is set up, like it should be. If you are looking for the real Lineage 2 Chronicle 6 feeling, you came to the right place !

- 3x EXP/SP (Party exp retail)
- 3x Adena
- 3x Quest rate chance
- 1x Raid drops
- 1x Epic raid drops
- 3x Spoil rate chance
- 1x Spoil rate amount
- 1x Fishing rewards

Basic features

- Raid statistics online (dead/alive)
- Offlineshop for free
- [EU] [US] [RUS] proxy servers for a smoother gameplay for everyone
- The pure feeling of Lineage ][ The Chaotic Throne
- There will be no Global Gatekeepers or any other custom modifications like armors, weapons and zones .

Server Specifications

CPU: Intel E5-1620v2
HD: 1TB SATA 3 + 120 GB SSD
NIC: 1Gbit OnBoard

Protections on machine

The machine is secured by a Ddos protection itself (hosting company) and another remote protection with unlimited clean bandwidth in and out.

Protections on gameplay

Nemo Protection
Nemo Protect can be described very plainly – protection from cheaters. It is simple, reliable and almost invisible nevertheless able to protect you from any kind of trouble regarding illicit software. Nemo Protect is as necessary for any good server as a web-site or a forum.

Nemo has only one function – protection and it copes with it perfectly!

- Blocks every kind of known bots (including l2tower, zranger, any kind of OOG bot)
- Blocks any kind of program that tries to capture the client-server connection
- Encrypts the traffic between a server and a client thus eliminating a possibility of its modification with programs like l2phx (packet hacks)

For more features gameplay and community wise, check our website and forum !




I will play there with some cp so if anyone have interes can pm to Zmeq7 in game :)

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