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Lineage ll KGX C6 1 December

Postby rofiles » Sat Nov 22, 2014 6:03 pm

Here is a fast preview on how our server will be:

Server Rates
1.000x XP and SP
100x Adena, Spoil, Quests Reward
10x Raids Reward

1Hour Buffs
2Weeks Olympiad
Retail Raids Respawn
Retail Castle Sieges

GM Shop
with everything you need, including quests items, enchants, groceries
GM Buffer
normal and scheme for you and your pet
GM Gatekeeper
for some extra zones beside those you can find at normal gk

Yes, BUT donation coins (event adena) can be bought as a normal player as well, so everybody can reach donation items with no problem

No quest for Class Change
No quest for Subclass
No quest for Nobless
But you can do quests for rewards

+3 Safe enchanting
+4 Full body safe enchanting
65% Enchanting rate, which is retail
No limit for maximum enchanting
Good Luck !

Other Features
15 Seconds spawn protection
5x Weight limit
Auto learn skills
Auto pick up drop (beside raid bosses)


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