Lineage 2 L2Olyx x18 Costum PvP Server

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Lineage 2 L2Olyx x18 Costum PvP Server

Postby Awen » Sun Nov 23, 2014 9:53 am


High FiveChronicle
Server Files : L2j Project
No custom. AutocreateAccount = Off
Professional Server hosted by OVH (Paris, France)
Xeon QuadCore / 16GB RAM / HDD RAID
DDOS Protection
Automatic restart during night

Gameplay System

GM Shop till B Grade.
Start lvl 58, Subclass directly 75
Buffer +30
Nobless in one click / No quest for subclass
Codex / Elements / Talismans are in Shop
Retail Raid Boss Instance and Custom raid boss spawner to drop equipment full
Challenge Freya instance in Easy or Hardcore mode, and other RB …

Craft System

Only farm for Recipes and Enchant : Direct drop on mob at 10% chance
All materials and craft Pieces in GMShop
Dwarf exp with craft. (rate x1000 : 1 success = lvl-up)
Foundation activated
All blacksmith in town and Mammon 24/7


Individual match limit extended to 110 match (instead of 60) per week
Olympiad period 1 week
Olympiad shop with cloaks


Exp/Sp : x18 Adena : x500
Vitality Potions at shop
Enchant Weapon /Armor Max: +10
Enchant Weapon /Armor Safe: +4
All Enchant Scrolls success : 66%, Blessed enchant returns to +0
Skill Enchant Max : +30
Element Level Max : 4 rate 100% success


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