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By gamers, for gamers

We developed this project out of pure love to Lineage 2, as a monument to one of the most successful chronicles- Interlude. In our own lives we were dedicated L2 players and we experienced the best of gaming - meeting new people, making friends, experiencing happy moments that brought tears of joy to our eyes.

As players we witnessed a lot of L2 servers opening and closing, gathering L2 lovers and separating them again.

As a result, we decided to create this non-profit seeking project delivering the retail like experience focusing on the gaming community itself to once again bring the L2 lovers together and bring them those happy and sometimes sad moments we once had.

As mentioned before, we seek no profit, our greatest profit is to see the L2 community growing and being happy once again. Friendship is based on trust earned in a long time. Because of this, this server is an obelisk to the game and its' community and the server will remain forever alive no matter how expensive it gets.

No matter how much time would pass. You will always find your hard work, characters and friends here on L2Dawn.

Server information:
Technical specs:
■ Server location: Europe (tested and confirmed to be working fine in other continents such as the USA and Asia)
■ Anti DDOS protection
■ CPU: Intel Xeon E5 v2 3.70 Ghz
■ RAM: 64GB
■ Speed: 1 GBIT Game server specs:
■ Community driven server
■ International administration (Italian, American, Romanian and Lithuanian) provide 24/7 support and taking care of the server
■ EXP/SP: 5x
■ Adena: 5x (1x chance)
■ Raid drops: 1x
■ Spoil rates: 5x
■ Free offline shop (1 allowed)
■ 2 simultaneous accounts allowed
■ Traveler's weapons (no grade and D grade)
■ Shadow items for new players (D, C and B)
■ (un)Lockable exp
■ All retail features
■ Anti-botting protection
■ First and Second Profession change NPC for the in game currency - adena (optional)
■ Weekly events (Double exp/ sp happy hours, give aways etc.for more info- visit our forums)
■ Donations provide only cosmetic benefits
■ 24/7 player support
■ 99.9% uptime

Things that will never exist:
■ Custom NPC buffer
■ GM shop
■ Pay to win items
■ Donation items
■ Donation currency

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