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Happy New Year :))

Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 6:22 pm
by MightyLora
hi guys it's been a long time :o :o
today i got an email from l2 dex about new server coming soon. I've got some free time and i will give a try if anyone is interested can pm me or something :))

We are pleased to announce the grand opening date and rates of the –°lassic server - Insolence 4x! Thank you for your patience, support and help in testing!

Opening will be on January 26th at 21:00 (UTC +2). Project will start on Classic 1.5 with future Update to 2.0 and so on..

Join the voting:

How many clients would you like to be allowed?
Tradable ToDs or NOT tradable ToDs?
Shops in Giran Harbor ?

Server Features:

XP\SP: x4
Spoil: x3 chance
Adena: x2.5
Drop: x2 chance
Drop for books: x3 chance

- Sincerely yours, Lineage2Dex Team -