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Hello everyone.
Dear Lineage 2 Fans i wish to announce what L2Might project Custom PvP Server!!
L2-Might is custom pvp server with high rates, lot custom items, many raid bosses and much more...
Sounds great? Yes! Please invite friend, clans, other players to best custom pvp server! L2-Might!!!!
It is time to remind your enemy who you are, time to find new friend and spend best days in L2-Might Server


Website: www.l2might.eu
Forum: www.l2might.eu/forum
Facebook: http://www.l2might.eu/l2might/forum/index.php
Server started: 05.05.2016.
Server is Live Mode.

Exp: x2000
Sp: x2000
Adena: x1
Drop: x1
Spoil: x1
Client: c6

Top Life Stones Rate : 15%
High Life Stones Rate : 20%

Safe Enchant: +10
Max Enchant with Normal Scrolls : +30 [70%]
Max Enchant with Blessed Scrolls : +30 [90%]
Max Enchant with Crystals Scrolls : +35 [100%]
Max Enchant with Enchant Manager : +40 [100%]


GM EVENT TIME 20:00-21:00 Gmt +3
Olympiad Period 1 week(Monday ends)
Siege Every Saturday


Main town: Adena Town
Server style is custom pvp
Active GM
Class Changer no need quest
Auto Pickup(expect Raidboss)
NPC Buffer
Scheme Buffer
Noblesse can easily have
Offline Shop
Only allow 4 active augment
Raid bosses spawn every 1-4 hour
Sieges duration: 120 minutes
Siege Only Giran
Unique PvP zone, every 1hour zone changed
Max Subclasses = 4
Max Clans on Alliance = 3
100% Uptime
Buff slot: 40
Balanced Classes [80%]
DualBox allowed
Unique PvP zone, every 1hour zone changed
Shout Chat With 15 PvP


All Augments working
Custom event, TvT, DM
Siege Work 100% Retail
Fully working skills
Working Clan Halls
All Raid Bosses + [You can find them from RB's Manager]
Olympiad 100% Retail
100% Retail like gameplay
Flawless Geodata & Pathnodes
PvP Protection System Per IP
Olympiad Protection Per IP
Event Protection Per IP
Mass Reward Protection Per IP
PvP Title Colors [50, 150, 250, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000]
PK Title Colors [50, 150, 250, 500]
Killing Spree System
PvP/PK System [1 PvP Reward per kill]
Enchant Manager From +35 to +40
Olympiad auto skill reuse on every match
Auto Events every hour
In game you can change password
Siege Work 100% Retail

More information: http://www.l2might.eu/l2might/Information.php

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