Harmony update is here!

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Harmony update is here!

Postby Estemy » Tue Mar 13, 2012 7:22 am

I'm glad to announce the Harmony update will be applied on Core since today.

The Goddess of Destruction: Harmony update truly brings harmony to many varying level ranges and zones in Lineage II. The journey from level 76 to 85 is now easier in order to usher players into the exciting featured game content of the Goddess of Destruction expansion. Many new quests and campaigns, revamps to game systems that affect all level ranges, a new instanced dungeon and much more await you inside the land of Aden!

1. Hunting Areas
Kartia’s Labyrinth
Changes to Hunting Areas
2. Quests
New Quests
Changes to Quests
3. Skills
Changes to Skills
4. Items
New Items
Changes to Items

See the official patch notes in 4game forums or on the official L2 site .

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