Proper way to PiViPi

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Proper way to PiViPi

Postby DeMenthor » Mon Dec 09, 2013 6:10 pm

Official PvP Guide. V.2.0

The following guide has been created to show people the right way to pvp in Lineage 2.


- You Win: After beating someone 1v1 make sure to call the other person
a noob. Insults regarding the persons clan, alliance or immediate
family memebers are also acceptable. So what if you were a level 60 SR
and your opponent was a 45 BD. The reason you won is because you are an
L2 god with mad skillz and the other player just wishes he had your
double clicking talent.

1v1 - You Lose: Well obviously the only
reason why you lost is because the other guy is a nerd who plays the
game all the time. This certaintly isnt fair considering you have a
life, a wealthy job, 6 cars to take car of and women bending in front
of you all the time. Make sure to let him know that he lives with his
parents, is unemployed, has no friends and is un-attractive to the
opposite *. Certaintly there can be no other explanation as to why
you lost.

1v1 - You Win, But The Losing Players Clan Mates Show
Up And Kill You: You kill a lowbie or a subclass from an established
clan as he trying to level and then you get killed when his clan mates
show up. Make sure to let the clanmates know that it took 6 people to
take you down and that this means the clan sucks. At this point it is
important to use your broad knowledge base to throw out the insults you
heard on last nights wrestling program. For example, "assclown" and
"assjacket" are acceptable. In fact any word that begins with the word
"ass" and ends in a prepatory noun is appropriate.

Clan v. Clan
- You Decline Clan War: Make sure to let the other clan leader know
that you are declining the war because you want full exp loss when you
kill their members. Be careful though. Dont let the other sides logical
arguements confuse you. The fact that you would be dying more if you
were at war and lose more exp over time then simple pk'ing certaintly
doesnt make any sense.

Clan v. Clan - You Win: Your clan goes to
war and defeats the other side. As with a win in 1v1 pvp, make sure to
call the other clan a bunch of noobs. Also, don't forget to take
screenshots when you win! After all, you need to go to a popular forum
board and tell everyone how you won and then use the screenshot of
their surrender as you signature. I mean, whats the point of having a
good ol' war if you can't throw it in their face every 5 seconds that
you were victorius. At this moment it is crucial to fall back all the
compter lingo you've learned over the years. In other words, make sure
to fill your sentances with such words as "roflcopter", "roflskates",
"1337", "GOSU" and/or "pwned." In fact any sentence with the word
"1337" or "Pwned" is sure to remind the other side of just how good you

Clan v. Clan - You Lose: This is similar to a 1v1 pvp that
you lost, but on a much broader scale. Surely you cannot live with
yourself after such an embarrasing loss to a "bunch of kids" who play
all the time. I mean how are you supposed to compete with the other
side when you have all your cars, mansions and women to take care of.
The folliwng steps must be taken in order for you to save face:

Run as fast as you can to the forums and post old screenshots of the
other side, botting, e-baying and powerleveling to get their clan full
of high level players. I mean the only reason why you lost was because the other side cheated.

2. Make 30 posts a week on the forums telling the other side that "they suck and should disband."

Whenever you see the other side again, make sure to report them to the
gm's for any harsh language they use or threats they made against you.
Lets just forget bout all the bad words or threats you have used, the
war may be over but if you can ban all of the players from the other
then you will be victorius.

Gateing: Ah the good old
days from diablo 2. You get your character just to the edge of the
combat line and then you quickly run back and forth over the line
attacking a little bit at a time. Remember that this is a skill and not
just some ordinary cheap move. Dont listen to your opponent when he
calls you cheap. I mean, it took you months of practice just to get
your character over the line to fire his arrows or magical skill and
then run back over the line to avoid bieng attacked. Its really not
bieng cheap after all, its an acquired skill that only the best players
such as yourself have mastered.

The "Final Tactic": The "Final
Tactic" is simple, try to get the entire community to support you by
joining you in a common cause. "The Final Tactic" is named after a
rather disturbed character by the name of "finalelf." Basically you it
requires you to spend long hours making melodramatic posts about
yourself to try to gain sympathy. After awhile a small group of other
players with join you and you can start taking donations in the form of
money, gear and even other people's characters. Make sure to make
movies and have everyone say how great they are even though they are
just 100mb's of A grade crap. When your act begins to where thin, just
take all the money, gear and characters you have and pkpkpk. It sounds
easy, but it won't take long for people to see what type of person you
are and go after you. Once people go after you, continue to make
endless posts about your political issues, new names you want people to
call you and even change the subject by challenging people to other
game you play.
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